You must know the common sense of using container house

No matter what product we are using, there must be some matters needing attention for this product. Of course, these are also common sense. The precautions of a piece of equipment are that every user needs to know, then our container house There are also some things to pay attention to when using, so in order to ensure your personal safety and the longer service life of the container house, the following points must be remembered!

Container house

(1) After the installation of the mobile board room is complete, the user shall not modify the structure without authorization, disassemble any bolt components, or add or reduce the partition wall. If it needs to be changed, it shall be changed after consultation with our factory, otherwise the user shall be responsible for the consequences.

(2) The movable board room is connected to the entire building with steel structural parts. The user arranges electric lighting equipment. The wires cannot be directly tied to the steel structure. Conduit or trunking should be installed in isolation to avoid electric shock.

(3) Light steel structural parts should be maintained and painted once every 1-2 years to extend the life of this product and maintain its beauty.

These three points are very important. Don’t forget these points during the high-use process to avoid unnecessary troubles in the later period. Container houses are very common in our lives. Now people’s living conditions It’s getting better, so the requirements for more things are higher