Where can the steel structure grid project be used?

The steel structure grid is a space structure made of multiple rods connected by nodes in a grid form. The construction method of factory manufacturing and site installation can shorten the cycle, reduce the cost, and improve the economic efficiency. Choosing a more professional grid company can provide a better grid, and the choice of materials is better, which can make the overall cost lower, and it will have more outstanding performance in durability and aesthetics. .

In addition, the spherical steel structure grid structure is more suitable for large-span roofs, because it has the characteristics of space stress, large rigidity, steel saving, good vibration resistance, small building height, and beautiful appearance. At present, the roofs of large-scale stadiums, exhibition halls, theaters, industrial plants, warehouses and other construction projects have adopted spherical grid structures.

Steel structure grid can be divided into double-layer plate-type grid structure, single-layer and double-layer shell-type grid structure. The basic units that make up the steel structure grid include triangular pyramids, triangular prisms, cubes, truncated quadrangular pyramids, etc. These basic units can be combined into a flat-shaped triangle, quadrilateral, hexagon, circle or any other shape. . It has the advantages of space stress, light weight, high rigidity, and good seismic performance.