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What is a mobile home
A mobile house is a new type of building. It is a kind of room that can be easily assembled and moved. For example, a room that can be dragged behind and moved. It has the function of looking like a trailer and a room inside.
Advantages of moving houses
1. A mobile house or prefabricated house is a kind of prefabricated house that can be hauled from the factory to the residential base. Nowadays, most mobile houses are used as permanent residences in a fixed place. Because it has been possible and adopted mass production technology for many years, the construction cost of this type of residence is relatively low.

2. Large mobile houses may include more than 7 rooms. Most mobile homes are sold with carpets, curtains and appliances. These houses are usually towed from one location to another by a moving company. Many vehicles on public roads impose width restrictions. Therefore, some mobile houses have sliding or foldable side walls to reduce the width of the house during transportation; other houses are transported in the form of parts and assembled after reaching the homestead.

3. Traditionally, mobile houses are placed on leased plots of mobile house parking lots. Water, telecommunications, postal services and other services are available in the parking lot. However, there are now many mobile houses placed on personally owned plots. These houses can be installed on permanent foundations or anchored to the ground with cables or steel straps.

4. The mobile integrated house has the advantages of high protection against vibration, long service life, repeated use, etc., and its price is much lower than that of ordinary houses, and its assembly period is very short. The average expert can install and build an integrated house in two weeks, which can also be equipped with water, electricity, and gas. It will not have a large number of constructions during the assembly process, and as long as the parts are not damaged during disassembly, it can be recycled many times. Integrated housing has so many advantages, it can be predicted that it will become a new type of residence to replace traditional housing in the future.
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