What are the characteristics of prefabricated houses?

Prefabricated houses have the characteristics of light weight, large span, good wind and earthquake resistance, excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and other indicators. It is suitable for villas, multi-storey residences, resorts, clubs and other civil buildings and building additions, roof leveling to slope, lightweight inner partition walls, etc.

Prefabricated houses can be pre-assembled, and the walls include pre-installed exterior wall enclosures, insulation and windows. The roof truss system can also be provided to the developer in the form of pre-assembly, which greatly shortens the construction period compared with the traditional construction method.

The prefabricated house takes the container as the basic module, adopts the manufacturing mode, and completes the structural construction and interior decoration of each module in the factory with an assembly line, and then transports it to the project site, and quickly combines it into different styles according to different purposes and functions.