What are the advantages of container houses?

Container houses are widely used because of their flexible and detachable structure. And compared with the fixed building complex, the container has its own unique advantages, which will be briefly introduced below.

First, the standardized unit body.

The characteristic of the container house is the standardization of the size. The container building units come from ready-made containers, and are limited by the size of the existing boxes, and most containers have a uniform size limit on the outside dimensions.

Second, the service life of container houses.

The service life of containers in the transportation industry is generally 10-15 years. The undamaged container boxes that are eliminated still have good physical properties, and generally can be used for 15 years. If the maintenance is good, or if it is matched with other structures such as concrete, it can be used. More lasting.

Third, protective measures for container houses.

The material of the container house is affected by the physical characteristics of its own metal structure. It has strong thermal conductivity and poor thermal insulation performance, which makes the indoor thermal environment unstable. It is necessary to install an additional thermal insulation layer to effectively control the indoor thermal environment. The container box is shaded for heat insulation, which can save a certain amount of energy consumption; in addition, the box is easy to rust, and it is necessary to paint the inside and outside of the container house with anti-rust paint to prevent corrosion.

One thing to note is that in order to prevent the spread of disease and insect pests during international shipping, container paints produced in some countries use chromate, phosphorous or lead paint, so it is necessary to identify the origin of the box before making it into a store. Source: For some cabinets, the original residual paint must be polished off before it can be used safely.

Fourth, the appearance of the container house.

It can not only become an exquisite exhibit in the city, but also allow customers to see that this building is derived from a container, so that it can reflect the novel and artistic atmosphere.

Fifth, the windows of container houses.
The container house is a long and narrow unit. If it is too closed, people outside will not understand what is inside the container house and whether they can enter. To attract customers, transparency is a key point. The container house with large transparent glass can dispel the original ugly and monotonous facade of the container, and at the same time provide good lighting for the originally small and closed dark space, so that a good visual relationship between inside and outside can be created, such as: make a coffee The restaurant, dessert shop, etc. are all very emotional.