The development model and advantages of prefab house

Development model
Prefabricated prefabricated houses are mainly divided into three development models: prefabricated reinforced concrete structure, prefabricated lightweight steel structure, and prefabricated container house.
Precast concrete structure house
Prefabricated concrete structure (Prefabricated Concrete Structure) is a concrete structure formed by prefabricated concrete components as main components, assembled, connected, and partially cast-in-place. PC components are finished concrete components formed by factory-made component processing units. The first to propose the industrialization of PC housing was the European and American countries represented by the United States, which first proposed and implemented the road to the industrialization of PC housing after World War II. PC houses have many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, cost reduction, and provision of residential functions and performance. In today's international construction field, the use of PC projects varies from country to country and from region to region, and it is still in the stage of development and research in mainland China.
· It helps to improve the quality and eliminates the common problems of leakage and cracks on the external wall.
· Conducive to speeding up the progress of the project.
· Conducive to promoting resource integration and improving management efficiency.
· Conducive to capital operation.
· Conducive to improving the quality of construction products and winning customers.
· Conducive to reducing the work intensity of the owner’s management staff.
· Conducive to civilized construction and safety management at the construction site.
· Conducive to environmental protection and resource conservation.
· Conducive to creating an atmosphere of corporate innovation, and more innovative fruits.
· Conducive to the in-depth promotion of the enterprise's "excellent performance" model.
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