Portable house buildings | Off grid houses on wheels provide a sustainable and simple life

Portable house buildings

The high cost of living and the desire for a simple life are driving van life and small family movements. The latest designer to offer a small life choice is Portuguese woodworking studio madijinjo, who created an off-line house with wheels called Ursa.
Ursa is only 7 meters (23 feet) long and 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) wide, which is within the license free traction limit of Portuguese public roads. The portable house is built on a steel frame and the outside is made of heat-treated wood. The interior of the house is finished with white wood plywood, including a wood burning stove. The kitchen is also equipped with a small refrigerator, a double burner and a sink.
The small house also has a shower, sink and compost toilet, as well as an attic like sleeping area with a fixed ladder access. The power supply is provided by roof solar panels with battery storage. Finally, there is a rainwater capture and recovery system and a three-stage reverse osmosis filter to provide drinking water.