Matters needing attention in the processing of steel structure grid.

Steel structure grid processing is currently an emerging industry in the field of industrial construction. Because of its high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, strong deformability, strong adaptability, and short construction period, it has been widely used nationwide. Come. Since the construction of steel grids is basically high-altitude operations, there are some things that staff must pay attention to during the processing of steel grids.

1. Under normal circumstances, the steel structure grid is usually triangular, diamond, hexagon, etc. However, which shape structure to use, whether to use some special structure, must communicate with customers.

2. Avoid construction in rainy weather as much as possible. If you cannot avoid working in rainy days, you should take reliable anti-skid measures, such as wearing non-slip shoes and non-slip gloves. Also pay attention to lightning protection during the thunderstorm season. Adequate fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting facilities shall be provided at the construction site.

3. The tools and spare parts used by the construction personnel during the processing of high-altitude steel structure grids should be put in the tool bag, and should not be thrown up and down casually.

4. High-altitude workers wear safety helmets, safety helmets and tool bags, and take leakage protection measures for electrical equipment to prevent electric shock. Use a mobile work platform to install firmly and set up a slip-proof card.

5. When processing the steel structure grid, you must pay special attention to the operability of the staff. The quality and endurance of the grid are reflected in its many welding points. The professional engineering construction team will formally install the grid. Before, a professional inspection was performed on the net rack, and the net rack was directly installed after confirmation.