Matters needing attention in the decoration process of container house.

Container houses are common buildings nowadays, which can be used as houses, factories, shops and so on. The following briefly introduces the precautions during the decoration of the container house.

Building energy-saving technology, specifically refers to the building planning and design through the reasonable arrangement of the building orientation, the setting of shading, the thermal insulation technology of the building envelope, the design of building openings that are conducive to natural ventilation, etc., to achieve the heating and air conditioning required by the building. , Reduction of energy consumption such as ventilation.

Container house addition technology: the building shape factor is suitable for energy saving, the orientation is suitable for ventilation, the sun room design, the pebble wall energy storage, the fixed shading, the solar wind shaft, natural lighting, etc., realize energy saving and environmental protection through the shape and structure design of the building itself , To achieve the green effect, are all additive technologies.

The price of the container house itself is not high, so there is no need to make the interior decoration very luxurious, and the customer can do it according to the actual needs. However, if you find a problem that is difficult to solve during the decoration process, you must contact the manufacturer in time.

Precautions that need to be understood in the process of container house decoration:

In order to ensure the decoration quality of the container house, the selection of materials must meet the requirements, and the structural stability must be guaranteed. For example, the ceiling of the house must be a fixed structure. When installing lamps and other lighting equipment, pay attention to whether the specifications are appropriate and not damage the house. The tightness of its own structure. The outer surface and frame of the sandwich panel are made of steel. The interior insulation must be considered when decorating, so that the house should not be exposed to electrical leakage and other undesirable conditions.

Users must pay attention to the common problems in the above decoration, so as not to encounter various problems during use and need to reinstall. After the container house is installed, the user must not change the structure of the mobile house without authorization, nor can he disassemble any accessories at will, and cannot add or reduce the partition wall without authorization. If you must make changes, you need to consult a professional first, and you can modify it after agreeing. . In addition, users should also do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the mobile room, and it is best to use the paint to refresh once every two years.

Before building a container house, we must not only listen to professional and reasonable opinions, but also design the construction of the mobile house. After the basic work is done carefully, the construction work will be carried out, and the details of each installation must be paid attention to when building. For example, the firmness of welding, etc., only if the firmness and safety of the container house are ensured, can people use the living room with confidence and make living more comfortable.