Maintenance and maintenance of steel structure workshops.

The steel structure factory building has beautiful appearance and diversified building shapes. Its steel component production has a relatively high degree of factoryization, low cost, short construction period, simple installation and construction, and flexible layout. The steel has light weight, convenient material design and calculation, and can be Recycling and other advantages. Therefore, steel structures are widely used in modern industrial plants. However, the maintenance and maintenance of the steel structure workshop in the later use is also very critical. The following is a simple analysis of its maintenance methods.

Maintenance method of steel structure workshop:

1. The steel structure factory building is the connection of the entire structure. Electric lighting equipment is used. The wires cannot be directly tied to the steel components. The pipes or trunkings are installed in isolation to avoid electric shock.

2. The steel structure components should be painted after three years and re-maintained once to extend the overall appearance of the steel structure workshop and extend its service life.

3. After the steel structure factory building is complete, the owner cannot change the structure without authorization, dismantle any bolt components, or add or reduce the partition wall. If changes are needed, they need to negotiate with the steel structure manufacturing company. Carry out rectification.

Maintenance method of steel structure workshop:

1. Steel structure workshops must be cleaned and maintained regularly, and routine inspections are generally carried out at least once a year to avoid potential problems.

2. If the metal plate surface of the steel structure workshop is damaged, it needs to be repaired in time to prevent the metal plate surface from being corroded by the sun and rain. If necessary, all high-elastic nano-materials can be used to protect the metal roof panel, and play an effective role in heat insulation and waterproofing, and save energy for indoor air conditioning.

3. The external wall cleaning of steel structure workshops depends largely on the environment. When cleaning the surface, avoid the use of bleaching ingredients and abrasive cleaning products, steel balls, and wear-resistant products are not allowed. Just use clean water to rinse from top to bottom.

4. Objects such as branches and leaves should be cleaned up in time.