Introduction to the installation characteristics of modular houses

Modular houses have a unique technical system to ensure energy-saving standards: the unique technical system of the building module composite wall realizes the overall airtightness of the house, completely eliminates red bricks, blocks cold bridges, and avoids the existing structure of traditional buildings. Quality defects such as dew, long hair, cracking, hollowing, and falling off occur, and the main structure is better protected.

The building module composite wall as a whole meets the requirements of the 75% energy saving standard, which is 92% more energy efficient than ordinary buildings. The building module wall has strong impact resistance and durability: the 2CM thick surface layer of the composite wall is composed of basic treatment materials with distinct functions, adhesives, plastering glue, alkali-resistant glass fiber plastic coated mesh cloth and finishing layer , effectively improve the impact resistance, durability and fire performance of the new energy-saving building module composite wall, which is an external wall thermal insulation method with many comprehensive technical advantages.

High fire performance of building modules: The combustion performance of the materials used in the new energy-saving building module composite wall building can reach the B1 level flame retardant index after testing. The construction method of modular house is convenient and the project quality is easy to guarantee: the simple construction method and construction technology of building modular composite wall are easy to master, and the construction quality and safety are easy to be guaranteed.

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