Introduction to the construction advantages of modular houses

Fast construction progress and low material loss: The building module composite wall adopts the construction technology of inserting and horizontal splicing, and the construction period is short, and the occupancy standard can be basically reached within 30 days under the conditions of construction.

Excellent low temperature resistance: meet the requirements of freeze-thaw cycles, and can be constructed at -3.1 degrees low temperature. The comprehensive benefits are obvious: the cavity modules used in the building module composite wall building are complete in variety, accurate in geometric dimensions, low in material loss, and cost-effective for a building energy-saving system, and the construction cost is basically the same as that of traditional brick-concrete buildings.

Due to the excellent thermal insulation effect of modular houses, energy saving and optimized combination and no post-maintenance costs, the annual use cost can be saved by more than 35%. Appropriate building anti-seismic energy-saving technology can improve the service life of energy-saving houses and prolong the use time of suitable living temperature.