Introduction to the characteristics of integrated houses

Introduction to the characteristics of integrated houses.
The integrated house is characterized by a specialized design, standardized, modular, and generalized production, easy to demolition, convenient installation, convenient transportation, storage, and a temporary or permanent house that can be reused many times and turnover.
1. The cost of the house is low, and it can be recycled many times, which is very cost-effective compared to traditional houses.

2. The time required to build an integrated house is much less than that of a traditional house. It only takes two to three weeks to complete the construction. Traditional houses generally take several months to complete.

3. The appearance is very exquisite, and the effect of heat preservation is very significant. Even in the winter in the north, you can't feel the cold outside at all.

4. The integrated house does not have the function of heat preservation, and the functions of fire prevention, sound insulation and anti-corrosion are also excellent.

5. The integrated houses are made of diverse materials and have a wide range of uses, whether it is for residents or office buildings.