Flat packed container is effect to help to build a hospital “Huoshenshan hospital” within 10 days

On Jan 24, the Wuhan government announced it would build a 1,000-bed infirmary, named Huoshenshan, or "Fire God Mountain", Hospital, to treat people diagnosed the coronavirus.

As workers rushed to build the units at "Chinese speed", medical professionals and designers said they would ensure the facilities were safe and reliable, despite the race against time.

Advantages of the Flat packed container:
1-Quick and simple install on site.
90% finished in factory: included the window & door installed in the wallboard,the ceilding, flooring, finishing & Electrical system embedded.Make less work on site, save cost and time!

2-Economical and durable  material.
With steel structure as the skeleton, it has strong seismic resistance and deformation resistance, good sealing performance, strong and durable.

3-Recyclable and low cost.
20 years Life span, and can be recycled and reused, avoiding the situation of idle resources, making the cost more low.

4-Module design, easy to  transport  and install.
Applicable to transport by sea or land, saving transportation cost. Close range can  prefabricated assembly in the factory, hoisting to on site.

Excavators arrived on site and begin to flatten the land on Jan. 24, 2020

The Huoshenshan hospital project officially stared to work on Jan. 25,2020.

The fist model flat packed container room was completed on Jan.26.

The first lot of flat packed container house was finishing installed and hoisted on Jan.27.

The double layer of flat packed container isolation wards has gained scale on Jan.28.

More than 300 units of  flat packed container movable prefab house have been finished installation and electrical equipment has been constructed in the same time on on Jan.29 to Jan.30,2020.

Stared to install the medical supporting equipment on Feb.1,2020.

The whole  project have completed and opening on Feb.2, 2020.