Features and uses of color steel sandwich panel

1. There are many types of color steel sandwich panel for exterior wall insulation boards used in buildings, so they can meet the requirements in terms of apparent density, use temperature, compressive strength, thermal conductivity, water absorption and other properties, and can be used for energy-saving building exterior insulation. The main materials are: polystyrene foam plastic board (EPS and XPS), color steel rock wool composite board, glass wool felt and ultra-light polystyrene particle insulation slurry.

2. Purpose:
1. Industrial plants and warehouses
2. Cold storage, box packaging
3. Light steel residences, mezzanine houses of original buildings
4. Movable board room
5. Various clean rooms, air-conditioned rooms, etc.

3. Advantages:
1. Light weight, about 10kg~14kg/square meter, equivalent to 1/30 of a brick wall;
2. Thermal insulation, good attraction and sealing performance;
3. The construction is convenient, the installation is flexible and fast, and the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%;
4. Bright color, beautiful appearance, no need for surface decoration;
5. High strength, can be used as maintenance structure, load-bearing structure, bending and compression resistance, beams and columns are not required for general houses.
The sandwich panel composite production line is the main equipment for producing color steel sandwich panels. The color steel sandwich panels have high strength, light weight, sturdiness and durability, and a beautiful appearance. The foam composite board production line is easy to construct and has a short construction period. It is widely used in industrial plants, large supermarkets and warehouses, large-span roofs and walls, assembling various cold storage, clean rooms, air-conditioning rooms, etc.

Features of sandwich panel composite production line:
1. The sandwich panel composite production line produces color steel conforming to the sandwich socket and H plate;
2. The production of corrugated sandwich panels can be equipped with a variety of corrugated interfaces;
3. It can be used in the production of foam or rock wool and thermal insulation cotton sandwich panels;
4. Concealed button wall panel production can be equipped with a variety of hidden button interfaces and board types;
5. It can realize continuous automated production;
6. Special versions can be produced according to customer needs;
7. The various functions of the sandwich panel composite production line can be flexibly configured according to the actual needs of customers;
8. This production line adopts programmable logic controller, with touch screen man-machine interface;
9. The operation is convenient and reliable, with automatic fixed length and automatic accumulation functions;
10. The sandwich panel composite production line has complete supporting equipment.