Do you know what are the advantages of prefabricated houses?

Prefabricated houses, namely integrated houses, are built by industrialized production methods. Part or all of the components of the house are prefabricated in the factory, then transported to the construction site, and the components are assembled through reliable connections. Japan is called industrialized housing or industrialized housing.

It is conducive to improving the quality, and has cured the common problem of leakage and cracks in the outer wall. Conducive to speeding up the progress of the project. Conducive to promoting resource integration and improving management efficiency. Conducive to capital operation. It is beneficial to improve the quality of construction products and win customers.

It is beneficial to reduce the work intensity of the owner's management personnel. Conducive to the civilized construction and safety management of the construction site. Conducive to environmental protection and resource conservation. It is conducive to creating an atmosphere of enterprise innovation, and more innovative achievements. Conducive to the in-depth promotion of the enterprise's "excellent performance" model.