Do you know what a villa house is?

Villa house, an improved house, is a garden house for recuperation built in the suburbs or scenic areas. It is a place to enjoy life. The general understanding is that, in addition to the basic function of "living", a high-end residence that mainly reflects the quality of life and the characteristics of enjoyment.

Looking back at its origin, there is no clear starting point in time. In ancient my country, villas appeared very early. The big ones had the palaces of emperors, the mansions of generals, and the small ones had villas and manors of wealthy businessmen, giants, landlords and squires. The appearance of villas abroad has a long history. The villas in the western sense are mainly based on the development concept of foreign countries after the industrial revolution.

According to their different geographical locations and functions, they are further divided into: mountain villa houses (including forest villa houses), waterfront (river, lake, sea) villa houses, pasture (prairie) villa houses, manor-style villa houses, etc. .