Do you know the advantages of modular houses?

Improve the overall seismic performance of the building: the composite wall of the building module has better overall performance, strong seismic and impact resistance due to the setting of shear wall panels compared with ordinary brick-concrete buildings, and can be used in areas with an earthquake intensity of ≥ 8 degrees. Building a house, the life of the building can reach more than 100 years.

The same heating method can achieve twice the result with half the effort: because the building module composite wall building has a unique thermal insulation performance, the room temperature in winter can be increased by 7-11 degrees compared with the brick-concrete building under the same conditions, and its 25CM thick composite wall is equivalent to The thermal insulation effect of 460CM red brick thickness wall.

Even if there is no heating, the modular house can keep the indoor temperature at a certain temperature, which can save 2/3 of the heating cost every year. In summer, there is no need to turn on the air conditioner, and the indoor temperature is kept below 27 degrees. It reduces the use cost of households.

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