Connection method of steel structure | steel structure building

There are three types of connection methods for steel structures: weld connection, bolt connection and rivet connection.

Weld connection

The welding seam connection is the partial melting of the welding rod and the weldment through the heat generated by the arc, and the welding is condensed into a welded seam through cooling, thereby connecting the weldment into a whole.


It does not weaken the section of the component, saves steel, has a simple structure, is convenient to manufacture, has a large connection rigidity, and has good sealing performance. It is easy to adopt automated operations under certain conditions and has high production efficiency.


Bolt connection is the connection of connecting pieces into a whole through bolts, which are fasteners. There are two types of bolt connection: ordinary bolt connection and high-strength bolt connection.


The construction process is simple, and the installation is convenient. It is especially suitable for site installation and connection, and it is also easy to disassemble, and is suitable for structures that need to be assembled and disassembled and temporary connections.

Rivet connection

The rivet connection is a rivet with a semicircular prefabricated nail head at one end, the nail rod is burned red and quickly inserted into the nail hole of the connector, and then the other end is also riveted into a nail head with a rivet gun to make the connection tight solid.


Riveting force transmission is reliable, plasticity and toughness are good, and the quality is easy to check and guarantee. It can be used for heavy and direct dynamic load structures.
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