Advantages and disadvantages of detachable container house


1. It can be moved.

The container house can change the place without changing the house. When you need to change places, you can find a moving company (or a large truck or a large trailer) to directly move the container to the designated place to live, saving you the trouble of finding a house, buying a house, and decorating.

2. Can be assembled

Container houses can choose one-bedroom and one-living room, two-bedroom and one-living room, three-bedroom and one-living room, three-bedroom and two-living room, etc. according to their own needs. You only need to buy enough containers for assembly. Many construction sites provide temporary housing for workers as container houses, and the type of assembly of container houses can be selected according to the number of workers on each site.

3. Cheap price

After the decoration of the container, the inner area is about 13 square meters, and each container is 12,000 yuan, which is nearly 900 yuan per square meter. Compared with the current housing prices in many places, it is very cheap.


1. Low comfort

There are currently two types of container houses. One is the foam sandwich panel used for the side panels, which is very weak, has a short service life, and is not anti-theft. Although the anti-theft effect is much better if the traditional container is modified, the heat and sound insulation effect is relatively poor, and interior decoration is required.

2. The problem of land lease

The container houses need to be rented out. The central location is cheap and expensive, so many container houses can only be placed in the suburbs.

3. Low safety factor

Container houses usually have places to be placed only in remote areas, where the residences are scattered and the safety factor is low. Compared with the houses in the community, there are hundreds or even thousands of people in a community, and there are property management patrols at ordinary times, and the security is high.
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